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Roots Rock / Americana

Band Members

James Wilsey: Vocals and Guitar
Jeff Moser: Bass
Drew List: Accordion
Bob Conrad: Drums


Hand-crafted Americana music from Northern Nevada.

Americana music from Northern Nevada. Based in Carson City and Reno, Notch 8 blends elements of American roots music, including country, rockabilly, and folk. Notch 8's music includes original compositions, and cover songs from several different decades that are adapted to their style. Strong vocals, tight rhythms, and the alluring sounds of the accordion keep audiences dancing and coming back for more.


Notch 8 came together in the Autumn of 2011 when James Wilsey (vocals/guitar) and Jeff Moser (Bass) worked up enough songs to play a small set of music on the Carson City scene. Drew List (accordion) filled in on a few songs at first and joined the band when they realized how much the accordion added to the band's particular sound. Bob Conrad (drums/percussion) completed the lineup a few months later.

What does the name "Notch 8" mean? Trains are an important part of American history, and there are many old country songs about trains. James previously played in a band called The Trainwrecks, and even brought some of his original songs with him to Notch 8. To pay homage to this heritage, we chose the name Notch 8 which refers to the full throttle position of a Diesel locomotive. 

Notch 8 has played for audiences in Carson City, Reno, Dayton, and the Carson Valley. We've had the honor of opening for legendary rock band WAR, and played for the 160th anniversary of the Genoa Bar, the oldest bar in Nevada.

After a couple years of refining their sound, the band decided it was time to record some originals and some crowd favorites. The band's 12 song CD project, Just Move On, was released in the Spring of 2014.

Current Location

Carson City, NV


Johnny Cash, Elvis, Merle Haggard, Don Gibson, Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Marty Robbins, Stray Cats, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, the 80s, and many more!

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